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business valuations

Business valuations are carried out in a variety of contexts and for different reasons. Here at GBAC we recognise every valuation is different and aim to provide a value that is as objective as possible. Our qualified team offer an expert judgement, based on sound methods and reasonable assumptions.

Valuations can be broken down in to two areas. Internal valuations are performed around data from the organisation, its management and its records. External valuations are based solely on externally available information.

Internal valuations:

  • Tax / accounting valuation
  • Divorce / probate valuation
  • Internal reward systems
  • Sale of all / part of the equity of your business.

External valuations:

  • Investment decision – purchase all or part of equity of a business
  • Comparative analysis

There are numerous accepted valuation methods, the key is to choose the best one to fit the context of the valuation exercise and GBAC are well placed to help you do that.

Our team are certified in the ACCA and the Conseil Superiéur Ordre Des Experts-Comptables (CSOEC), Certificate in Business Valuations; a high-quality specialist qualification for qualified accountants, finance business professionals and employers globally.

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your tax needs, please get in touch on 01226 298 298 or email info@gbac.co.uk.