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audit and assurance

The gbac approach to audit and assurance is to go above and beyond the minimum statutory requirements and provide valuable feedback from the audit process. We will suggest systems to put in place to help ensure long term financial control, governance and assurance. By insisting on continuous communication and continuity of staff, we can quickly build an accurate picture of your business and understand the way you operate.

Our specialist audit team will complete an efficient and effective audit and help your business to consider wider business risks and benefits. We are registered with the ACCA to carry out audit work and we ensure that our team is always up to date with training and use the latest auditing tools available.

Where there is a requirement for some sort of assurance of a company’s financial statements but not for a full audit we can provide an Assurance Report or Independent Examination. These reports give stakeholders confidence in financial statements and add credibility.

  • statutory audit
  • charity audit
  • assurance reports
  • independent examination

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your audit and assurance needs, please get in touch on 01226 298298 or email info@gbac.co.uk.

a few kind words

As the CEO of a publicly funded multi million-pound organisation that is continually held to the highest levels of scrutiny, I require an external audit function that is second to none. gbac has ensured that both my board and I not only have confidence in relation to our continued compliance, but also that we have an associate that has supported our sustained development over a number of years. The intrinsic value that is the advice and support offered cannot be underestimated and is an example of why gbac are much more than merely our external auditors.

Mr D Dickinson
CEO, Waterton Academy Trust