Compliance describes the obligation to discharge responsibility. The UK has an enduring culture of ready compliance, creating the extremely stable social and commercial environments which business here enjoy. In the words of the slogan, native to Barnsley, we at gbac, "do exactly what it says on the tin". This straightforward and harmonious objective enables us and our clients to sleep soundly at night.

The way legal compliance works is that government departments are set up to monitor business obligations to the State. These government departments make lots and lots of mistakes. It’s our job to ensure that they do things right eventually.

Checking, commenting upon and effectively correcting the work of Government is only part of our compliance offering. We also review other relationships to ensure that our clients receive due compliance from institutions like banks, other financial advisors, local authorities etc. Of course we do expect the same analysis of ourselves from others.we actually volunteer to receive external performance scrutiny from outside bodies like ACCA and Investors in People.

Looking at compliance from the opposite perspective the responsibilities to others of business management are many and varied. Failure in legal compliance is taken very seriously. gbac is able to help through its own embedded compliance assurance programme, applied to every aspect of client business in which we become involved.

Our day to day experience of knowing what’s necessary and when it’s due is of invaluable comfort, giving the entrepreneur the peace of mind to know that sometimes obscure obligations are under permanent scrutiny at gbac.