About Us

gbac has a team of 40 including business consultants, accountants, auditors, tax advisors, payroll and legal compliance experts, trainees and support assistants. Uncle Tom Cobley had to go because he couldn’t change his tune.

Most of our people are conveniently based in the centre of the country within a mile of M1 Junction 37, just a few minutes from and midway between Leeds and Sheffield, the largest and most vibrant cities in Yorkshire. Four international airports lie within about an hour of our office by road. Central London is 2 hours away by train.

We have first class working, meeting, parking and catering facilities which are available to clients for independent use.

The practice acts for many international companies and has clients in most regions of the United Kingdom. We are particularly active in London where the advantages of our lower cost base and minimal staff churn enable us to improve client service for reasonable fees. Moreover the manufacturing and industrial ethos inherent to our region underpin a naturally practical service delivery and straight-talking style.

Close involvement with European and Global standard setting and the European Commission ensures that we are continually forward-looking. Marie Lang, our Head of Corporate Finance is also Technical Director of EFAA , the Federation of Accountants and Auditors for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. As I have been President of this Brussels based organisation for the past 5 years lobbying on behalf of the smaller business, international outreach is a large part of our daily lives. We contribute to what’s coming in terms of legislation.

Specialisms within the firm are varied and advanced. Client service is totally business focussed and concentrates upon holistic commercial solutions, integrating basic book-keeping with the virtual FD role, corporate finance service and future planning functions. The value of regular, independent management data at each stage translates into hard cash when it’s time to take over/merge with others.

The bright spot will make the difference.